Rival Cults: A S.w.O.t. AnalySis

According to Steve Eichel, president of the International Cultic Studies Association, there are over 10,000 active cults in the United States right now. It’s hard to tell exactly how many there are because, unlike us, many of them strive for secrecy. Here are the six primary signs Eichel uses to identify cults: 


Prospective members are put under pressure to make a decision about whether they want to be a member of the group.

Delusions of Grandeur

If the leader, or leaders, of the cult claim to have special powers or claim to be a divine being in any way. Example: Kenny G claiming to be the greatest saxophonist in the world.

Inner Circle

There is an inner circle that is unquestioning of the leader. Other outside followers may also exist. This is basically the script to Mean Girls.


The group uses deceptive means to recruit new members into the cult. How many monthly subscriptions are you paying for right now that you don’t use?


Financial and sexual exploitation is the cornerstone of any successful cult. Please see the tithings button in the Chamber of Mandatory Media for a great example of this.


If you leave the cult, there is the idea that horrible things will happen to you.


It seems to me that every cult is different and a cult doesn’t necessarily need to exhibit all of these signs to be considered a cult. For example, I don’t pressure any of you to be here. I do claim to have the special power to suck the life out of any room I walk into. I definitely plan to exploit you all financially as much as possible. Otherwise, why are you even here? Despite the financial exploitation, I’m not interested in sex with any of you based on your Facebook statuses. My inner circle will be massive and unwavering. 

The only threat here if you choose to leave is the embarrassment you will suffer in not being a member. 

I figured an ideal way to assess rival cults in society is to do a SWOT analysis of each of them. Let’s SWOT some cults.


CBS News – How to Identify A Cult


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