Chamber of Mandatory Media

Hello and, if you’ve made it this far, welcome to my Chamber of Mandatory Media.

In these archives, you will see a display of some of my finest work. I’m not saying it’s good or anything, it’s just my finest work. This includes: Music I’ve made with other people, videos from the Shit Show, my own solo music, and probably some other stuff.

As a registered cult member, you understand the consumption of everything in the Chamber of Mandatory Media is required. It’s right there in the name to make it easy for you.

Everything in Nick Gerlach’s Cult is consensual outside of media consumption, so there is no charge to consume this media. THAT BEING SAID, you may tithe me if you wish, using the Paypal link at the top if you find that the mandatory media displayed here makes you smirk or even enjoy yourself briefly.

I’m just doing everything I can to decorate time to help distract you from the fact that you live a meaningless and completely random reality on a rock floating in a never ending void. The only escape from which is a likely painful and arduous death after which is an infinite and unknown existence. Anyways, enjoy the content!