Check out these great reviews from satisfied registered members who definitely aren’t randomly generated pictures from the internet, so don’t ask about that at all!

Like any American, I get so inundated with cult eVites that sometimes I get overwhelmed (that’s what Chardonnay is for haha). However, this cult stood out from the rest as the one for me. As a mother, it most closely aligns with my personal values. And with so many hot people involved the eye candy ain’t too shabby ;). Lookin’ is free, like my mom always said!

“The thing that first drew me to this cult was the guarantee of hotness and popularity. After becoming a member, I can honestly say “Come for the hotness and popularity. Stay for the mandatory media!” – Mark Anderson, Dubuque, Iowa


“At first I thought I was joining a new religion, but then I slowly realized that this is just a marketing start up. Then I found out I get to choose my own title. Wow! 1 star! To be clear, though, I use my own personal star system where a lower number of stars is better, so 1 star is actually a great score!” – Pierre Francon, Paris, France

“I just wanted to swing by again and reiterate how consensual everything is with this cult. It really doesn’t get more consensual than this. Also, there’s no weird sex stuff, which is great!” – Anonymous Submission 

“I love how consensual it is! It’s good to know I can come and go as I please. Once again, I can’t stress enough how consensual the cult is! Wow!” – Anonymous Submission 

“I love that he didn’t put a cap on how much merch you can buy! You can literally buy as much merch as you want and the system will just allow it! 5 stars for zero merch restrictions! I think I’ll buy some merch right now!” – Kathleen Beauregard, Phoenix, AZ 

“I love how easy it is to leave a review about the cult on this god damn website, bitch! Especially if it’s a good one!” – Chastity Finkerton, Long Island, New York