11/28 Trivia at Yacht Club (Denver)

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  1. A show about Queen Elizabeth II that made its debut in 2016 will be returning for its sixth and final season next year. What Netflix series is largely centered around Queen Elizabeth II?  
  2. This beleaguered National League baseball franchise won its first World Series in over a century. Famously, it was predicted in Back to the Future 2. 
  3. Released in July 16, This augmented reality game was a huge fad that became the fastest-growing app in iOS history. It also held the number 1 spot as the highest-grossing iPhone app for 74 days. 
  4. On his fifth nomination, registered hot guy, Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar for Best Actor. What movie did Leonardo DiCaprio win Best Actor for portraying Hugh Glass? 
  5. In a cataclysmic event that shifted the space time continuum on May 28, 2016, beloved gorilla Harambe was murdered by zoo handlers as he cradled an endangered toddler that fell in his enclosure. What zoo did the killing of Harambe take place in? 
  6. On March 20, President Barack Obama, took a trip to a country that no US president had visited in 88 years. What country did Barack Obama visit in 2016, making it the first time US president had visited there in 88 years.

Successful Movies

  1. This comedy movie was an excellent party time. What is the highest-grossing movie in history based on a Saturday Night Live sketch? 
  2. Harvey Weinstein is is well-known for two things. One of them is producing movies.  His top 3 grossing movies are all from one precious trilogy. What trilogy are three top-grossing Weinsten Company movies a part of?
  3. Animation fans love sequels. Frozen II is the highest-grossing animated film sequel of all time, even beating out the original Frozen. What is the highest-grossing animated film with the number 4 in the title?
  4. In 2004, controversial actor and weirdo Catholic, Mel Gibson, directed his third movie. This movie went on to be the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time when adjusted for inflation. What is the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever when adjusted for inflation?
  5. The first woman to win the Academy Award for Best Director won it for directing the lowest-grossing Best Picture award winner of all time. Many industry experts think it didn’t do well because it was based on the ongoing Iraq War. What is the lowest-grossing movie to win Best Picture?
  6. It is rare that those morally bankrupt Hollywood liberals reward a family-friendly movie. That’s why only one G-rated movie has ever won best picture. What 1968 movie musical, based on a Charles Dickens novel, is the only G-rated movie to win Best Picture?


  1. Commonly associated with things like military service, domestic abuse, and your roommate asking you to help with dishes, what does the acronym PTSD stand for? 
  2. Most of you degenerates are probably too hungover to be awake for Meet the Press and Face the Nation, two essential boomer news shows. What network is Face the Nation on every Sunday morning?
  3. YYZ is one of Canadian band, Rush’s, most famous compositions. It appeared on the band’s 1981 album, Moving Pictures. What city’s airport has the identification code YYZ?
  4. BMW is a really cool car company that got its start making aircraft engines for Nazi fighter planes. What does the B in BMW stand for?
  5. First formed in 1961, this non-governmental organization has a panda named Chi Chi as its logo? What non-governmental agency has a panda as its logo?
  6. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, has been a hot topic in geopolitics as of late. The military alliance is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. How many countries are in NATO?  


Clearly Canadian 

  1. Widely considered the greatest hockey player of all time, he won four Stanley Cups with the Edmonton Oilers and also helped popularize hockey in the state of California. What Canadian is widely considered the greatest hockey player of all time? 
  2. Canada is well-known for its dominance in winter sports. The nation has hosted the Winter Olympics twice in 1988 and 2010. What is the only Canadian city to host a Summer Olympics?
  3. One of Canada’s most beloved actors is Michael J. Fox, who starred in the Back to the Future trilogy. He got his start on TV, though. On what sitcom did Michael J. Fox star as Alex P. Keaton, a young republican butting heads with his hippie parents?
  4. Each year on Canada Day, the nation celebrates the anniversary of the day three separate British colonies joined to form Canada and gain independence. It is similar to July 4th here in the United States. What date is Canada Day celebrated annually?
  5. Canada is the second biggest country by land mass on the planet after Russia. Canadians are also well-known to be punctual. How many time zones does Canada have?
  6. Lester B. Pearson is the only Canadian PM to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Justin Trudeau is the only Canadian prime minister to be photographed in blackface. These two prime ministers are members of the same political party. What party are Lester B. Pearson and Justin Trudeau members of?   

Final Question: In 2010, British actress and TV Host, Helen Skelton, set the record for longest solo kayak trip, traveling over 2,000 miles. During the journey she spent over a month traveling across one country. What country did Helen Skelton spend a month crossing during the longest solo kayak trip in history?

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