11/21 Yacht Club Trivia

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  1. In the Lion King, Timon and Pumba, tell Simba to pretty much just chill after he tells them about how his father was brutally murdered in front of him. They do it by singing the song Hakuna Matata. What does Hakuna Matata mean?
  2. Pixar has produced 26 feature films, each of which were released under the Walt Disney Pictures banner. The first Pixar movie was also the first full-length CGI movie ever released 1995. What was the first Pixar movie?
  3. Thanksgiving is a big weekend for movie releases, especially flicks the whole family can go out and enjoy together, like Hereditary. What Disney film is the No. 1 Thanksgiving theatrical release of all time, pulling in $93 million domestically?
  4. The most iconic character in the Disney universe is certainly Mickey Mouse.The iconic character is known for his upbeat attitude and unique voice. He would also love the Yacht Club. What were the first two words Mickey Mouse ever spoke?
  5. Last night, Disney fired their CEO, Bob Chapek, after just 2 years in the position. He was replaced by the person he replaced in 2020. Who was the CEO of Disney that Bob Chapek replaced?
  6. Fantasia is set to some of the most famous classical music of all time. What does the sorcerer’s name in Fantasia spell when it’s read backwards?


Late Bloomers

  1. Joe Biden isn’t the only ancient man to become president. What man became president of his home country in 1994 at the age of 76 after a decades long stint in prison for oppossing apartheid?
  2. An actress got her first big breat at the age of 42 when she played Annie Wilkes in the film adaption of Stephen King’s Misery. She was also great as Sabre CEO, Jo Bennett, in “The Office”. What actress played Annie Wilkes in Misery?
  3. The celebrity chef, wrote her first cookbook when she was 50 in 1961. That first cookbook kicked off her celebrity chef career. What celebrity chef wrote “Mastering the Art of French Cooking?”
  4. Charles Darwin was 50 in 1859 when his “On the Origin of Species” changed the scientific community forever. The book was largely based on his discoveries on the Galapagos islands. What neighboring country are the Galapagos Island owned by?
  5. Miguel de Cervantes was 58 when he wrote his most famous novel. To date, the novel is the second-most translated book in the world after the Bible. What is Miguel de Cervatnes most famous novel?
  6. Coming from a diverse family of extremely elegant flowers, the literal meaning of this flower’s name, documented in English in the early 1840s, comes from a Greek word meaning “testicle.”



  1. Black Friday is the in-store shopping event held the day after Thanksgiving each year. It’s called that because it’s traditionally the day that store’s finally go “In the Back”, or profitable, for the year. What is the name of the savings event that is the online shopping equivalent of Black Friday?
  2. Although it is the Eagle, there was some debate as to what the national bird of the United States should be. What founding father fought to make the turkey the national bird to no avail?
  3. The pie that is mostly commonly associated with Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie, but it’s not actually the most popular pie on Thanksgiving. What is the most popular pie each Thanksgiving?
  4. Each year on Thanksgiving, the NFL features some holiday matchups. There are two teams that are guaranteed to have game on Thanksgiving each year. Which two teams, one of them fittingly being called “America’s Team”, are guaranteed to have a Thanksgiving day matchup each year?
  5. It must be Nice to have all those turkeys. The state that produces the most turkeys each year is also considered the nicest state in the country. What state is the largest producer of Turkey in the United States?
  6. The Continental Congress declared the first Thanksgiving in 1777, but the custom fell out of use around 1815. It wasn’t until Sarah Josepha Hale petitioned several presidents to make it a national holiday that it actually became one. What nursery rhym is Sarah Josepha Hale famous for writing?


The Real World

  1. The debut season of the Real World was inspired by a PBS show called “An American Family”. The first season was set in New York City. Also one of Bill Clinton’s favorite years what year did The Real World debut on MTV?
  2. There have been 33 seasons of the Real World in cities all over the world. Only one of those cities has been in the southern hemisphere. What is the only southern hemisphere city to host a season of the Real World?
  3. The Real World Season 3 was based in San Francisco and is the most important season in the show’s history culturally. What illness was The Real World San Francisco known for de-stigmatizing, thanks to castmember, Pedro Zamora?
  4. The seventh season of the Real World was the first time two guests knew each other before they appeared on the show, it also featured a cast member with Lyme disease, and a very famous slap. What American city hosted season 7 of the Real World?
  5. Despite the modern technology used to make the show and used by the guests, there is one appliance that is missing from the house in every season. What appliance is never found in any Real World house?
  6. In 2006, the 18th season of the Real World was hosted in Denver, Colorado. It had 28 episodes, the highest to date. In what neighborhood in Denver was the Real World castmembers house located?
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