Notes Copy/Paste #1

Cult Status:

Every Tuesday, I’m gonna copy and paste my notes of stupid stuff I think of and write them down here on my website. Check it out if you want. They’re mostly bad, but I just want to put them somewhere, in case I want to look at them later. 

  • A movie where Reincarnation is real, but you just live the same life over and over. Deja Vu is when you have vague memories of your past life. Some people have better memories of their past lives and that’s why they are more successful, or it seems like they are able to fix things. Then someone is born with full memory of their past life and it goes good for a while, then it goes bad. Then he kills himself bc committing suicide ends the chain of reincarnation. Somehow he figures that out too.
  • Cable news has the same energy as Cocomelon kid shows
  • A movie where everything anyone ever says or does is recorded both audio and video and reviewed on a weekly basis. 
  • Mic’d up divorce. Like when a football coach is mic’d up during a game
  • Instead of reading an angry text from your girlfriend, you have SIri read it to you so it sounds better. Siri has the most soothing voice ever.
    – examples of really weird funny texts read by Siri. -maybe something about different voices you can replace Siri with so it’s like Morgan Freeman getting mad about your laundry or something
  • metaverse – finally something that can’t be gentrified – Rich white liberals will be the first one’s there, so it’s gonna have all the lame shit they like first like Digital 2 hour brunch lines that literally have a curve in it to avoid sleeping homeless people and Digital little stores with a dream catcher on the door handle
  • Ted Mosby from “How I Met Your Mother” and Ross from “Friends” are two of the most insufferable characters in TV history. They’re both sociopaths but for different reasons.
  • Getting depressed bc a super sad  or weird or gross video comes up in your algorithm 
  • MaSonic – Masonic cult hot dog stand/Masonic the Hedgehog 
  • I thought the end of the world was going to be exciting but it’s actually super boring 
  • Given – A movie where Liam Neeson despereately tries to get rid of his teenage daughter to Armenian sex traffickers 
  • videographers for weddings? Videographers for divorce, videographers for funerals? videographers for other bad stuff
  • Being in a funk can go both ways, like it can be bad or you can be super funky and in a good mood or some shit
  • Camping being a vacation is an insult to the people from hundreds of years ago who basically had to live outside. 
  • The reason they skip to his 30s in the Bible is that Jesus went to Arizona State to get stuff out of his system before he took over his dad’s company.