Andy Frasco

Cult Status: Active

Andrew Frasco: Is he a good cult leader?

Andy Frasco possesses multiple personality traits that are assets to a cult leader.

  • Relentless work ethic
  • Multiple lines of communication with his followers
  • Good at getting famous/rich people to like him
  • Undiagnosed narcissism
  • Stage presence

If you hold the misguided notion that Andy Frasco strives to be anything other than a contemporary cult leader, step back and take a look. After all, isn’t that the goal of any professional entertainer? One thing that’s interesting about Frasco’s persistent attempts at world domination is his combination of the old school method of wandering around the country like a snake oil salesman with a modern digital approach. For example, he basically doesn’t live anywhere but he also has a pretty successful podcast.

One thing that sets Frasco apart from other cult leaders is he’s not an enigma at all. While others rely on a hazy cloud of mystery to grow their brand and instill a sense of trust from their followers, Frasco is an open book, sometimes too open. He is a true man of the people, apparent from his workmanlike stage show and willingness to do almost anything on stage, whether it’s entertaining or not. There is no thin veil of mystery shrouding Frasco from his dedicated fan base.

As far as claims of divinity or special powers, I haven’t experienced any. I have noticed he does possess the special power to get extremely talented creative professionals to work for underwhelming amounts of money. Not talking about anyone specific here like me or anything, of course. His only other clear weakness is that he himself is in a cult (Los Angeles Lakers fans). I feel I could topple his regime pretty easily and take if for my own if I wanted to, but I won’t.